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Carefree Sofas & Mattresses Co. Ltd
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About Carefree Sofas & Mattresses Co. Ltd

Carefree Sofas & Mattresses Co. Ltd, manufacturers Sofas of different shapes and sizes, mattresses, headboards, quilts, pelmets, all made to fit our customer’s needs. We manufacture sofas and armchairs of all sizes. From the Classical to the Modern, Sofa-Beds to Corner Sofas all made from the finest material ensuring that our customers receive high quality products at affordable prices. Re-Upholstery of your old sofas and armchairs, making them look and feel brand new.

Our Company also manufactures mattresses in house with its range of CareFlex Mattresses, continuously finding different ways to satisfy your needs by modifying our mattresses.
We also manufacture quilts of all sizes with various designs to choose from.
People are the centre of our attention so we try and understand their needs so as to give them the COMFORT and QUALITY they need!




Chair Upholstery
Headboard Upholstery
Sofa Upholstery
Car Roof Lining Upholstery
Antique Furniture Upholstery
Car Upholstery
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